Our Team

Lightning Strike Racing was established by trainer Shane Bottomley and racing manager Mark Alderman.

Shane and Mark have raced a number of horses over the years with great success.

Shane has established himself as an outstanding horseman and specialist in dealing with problem racers.

A hands-on trainer, he is renowned for breaking horses and managing their racing campaigns.

Shane has a proven ability to train and transform racehorses to find their very best, and has a unique capacity to identify future winners for the Lightning Strike stable.

To complement Shane’s training skills, Mark Alderman provides more than 30 years experience in business management and administration. From the “hay days” of the Ford Motor Company where he was a Purchasing Specialist, Mark has owned and operated several businesses, transitioning into the ultra-competitive world of commercial construction.

He has managed major building sub-contracting companies and leading building material suppliers.

Both Shane and Mark provide a perfect and versatile combination to grow Lightning Strike Racing – Shane left to do what he does best “preparing and training the horses” with Mark managing the administration and communication side of the Lightning Strike Racing operation.

Shane and Mark regularly attend horse sales around Australia, casting a critical eye over potential stable additions.

All members of the Lightning Strike family are given first opportunity to invest in new purchases.


Lightning Strike Racing
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