Morning all

This week’s update will be sent Monday afternoon as we have Dane Thunder trialling on Monday at Cranbourne.

For those of the Thunder’s owners or any other stable member who would like to attend he is in trial 13 scheduled to start at 12.00pm.

My apologies to a few of the guy’s I spoke with earlier in the week indicating that the trial was timed for 10.00am, given that there are 24 trials set to be held on Monday the time got pushed around.

Shane confirmed last night that Luke Nolen will be riding the Thunder on Monday.

For those wishing to attend you can catch up with us at our normal training stalls, the horse will be arriving around 11.15am.

I will be sending out a link to the trial on Monday for those who can’t make it. As it is an official trial the Thunder will be carrying his race colours so he won’t be hard to pick up.

Until you here from me next, have a good weekend

Good Luck and Good Punting


Mark Alderman

0428 738 751